Analytical Skills: Being a problem solver is one of the root skills of any lawyer. A lawyer must be inquisitive by nature yet equipped to quickly identify and address the problem.   

Research Skills: Preparing a legal strategy generally requires careful legal research. Rebecca has excellent research abilities and resources. She has honed her skill from her extensive legal experience.

Writing Skills: A great lawyer has excellent writing skills which allow her to craft compelling arguments, briefs, motions, and other legal documents. Rebecca has written legal articles for organizations such as American Association for Justice.

Public Speaking Skills: A great lawyer has excellent public speaking skills and is comfortable presenting an oral argument. Rebecca has extensive public speaking experience. In addition to regularly appearing in Court, she has presented at legal seminars and public forums.

Negotiation Skills: Lawyers in any situation need to explore all potential avenues for resolving disputes, including methods that do not involve litigation. Rebecca believes it is her duty to resolve her client’s problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Her interest in negotiation led her to obtain further legal training in mediation.